Learn how to swap the Hue Tap’s hardware into a regular light switch. This is perfect hack for blending a battery-free Hue switch into your home’s decore.

Convert Hue Tap to Switch

The Hue Tap uses a an EnOcean PTM 215Z rolling-code switch module along with a ECO 200 energy converter to transmit button presses to the Hue Bridge. You can detach the EnOcean hardware from the Tap and swap it with a compatible wall-installed switch like the Leviton WSS0S-D2 (US) or the Eltako Funktaster, FT55-RW (Germany).

A few videos help demonstrate how simple this is:

For more information on what makes the Tap tick, check out Ars Technica’s Tap product review.

Big thanks to Pseudomizer on the micasaverde.com forums for pointing out how this swap is possible with the Leviton switch. If you are aware of other switches that are compatible with this swap, drop a comment below!