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Set the right ambiance for any moment. Philips Hue phoenix produces a beautiful range of white light that can be changed from warm to cool white, and it can be brightened and dimmed. The Phoenix lineup goes beyond the bulb and offers fixtures with built in lighting that is ready to connect with Hue. Some Phoenix fixtures are intended for new home installation or remodels, while others like this lamp are ready to use out of the box.

Phoenix vs Beyond

The Phoenix and Beyond product lineups both offer plug-n-play table lamps along with wired fixtures ideal for a new home or home remodel. Two things set the Beyond and Phoenix linups apart: price and colored lighting. The Beyond lineup allows you to paint your room with color, but at a price, literally. The Beyond lights are significantly more expensive than the Phoenix fixtures, but the Phoenix fixtures can only produce white light at different color temperatures.

Color vs Ambiance vs White

The Hue lineup offers three different light bulb options. This lamp falls in the Ambiance lineup. Color bulbs allow you to pick any color you want. Ambiance bulbs allow you to pick from many different shades of white. This allows flexibilty between a warm, inviting environment and an environment geared for focus. White bulbs offer the least in terms of features, but still leave you in control for dimming and turning on/off. Read more about choosing bulbs and color temperature in the Hue Lighting Guide.



  • 8.70W Hue LED engine
  • Functional white light
  • All shades of white, from warm to cold color temperatures
  • Philips Hue Connected
  • Plug & Play


  • 905 Im @ 4000K
  • 768 Im @ 3000K
  • 506 Im @ 2200K
  • 710 Im @ 6500K
  • 78.97 Im/W luminous efficacy @2700K
  • 80 CRI from 2200-6500K


  • 100V – 130V / 50-60 Hz
  • IP 20
  • Class II
  • Ø: 11.8in
  • H: 12.7in